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EverQuest: The Planes of Power

Released October 29, 2002 · consists of 6 releases.

The Planes of Power is the fourth expansion for the popular MMORPG EverQuest.

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EverQuest: The Planes of Power

First release date October 29, 2002
Platform Mac , PC
Developer Daybreak Games
Publisher Daybreak Games , Ubisoft Entertainment
Theme Fantasy
Franchises EverQuest
Aliases EQ PoP


The Planes of Power was the fourth expansion released for the EverQuest franchise. Similar to the second expansion, Scars of Velious, the content of this expansion was targeted almost exclusively at high level players. The title of the expansion refers the astral planes of the gods and goddesses of the universe. Players had previously been able to venture to the Planes of Fear, Hate, Sky, Growth, and Mischief, but Planes of Power introduced over 20 new zones where players could raid the homes of the deities. Planes of Power also introduced the concept of graveyards, a designated part of each zone where corpses of players would appear after a certain length of time passed after dying. This gave players an alternative to attempting time consuming and risky corpse retrievals. This expansion also raised the level cap from 60 to 65 and introduced more Alternate Advancement options for every class.

Planes of Power had an overarching quest that involved every zone, which made the expansion one elaborate quest ending in the Plane of Time. Rather than requiring lengthy key quests like the high end zones of Kunark, Velious, and Luclin, this expansion employed a new means of progression. The planes were laid out in tiers that separated the planes, and their rulers, into groups. Upon entering the Planes of Power, only four planes were open to players (not counting the city-like planes of Knowledge and Tranquility). Earning the ability to enter planes in the next tier would require completing a specific task in the current tier. Sometimes multiple tasks would be required, and sometimes there were multiple ways of achieving access to a particular plane. These tasks usually involved defeating the given plane's god or goddess. By participating in a said battle, a player would earn a flag that would be recognized when attempting to enter a plane of a higher tier. Certain encounters only flagged a set number of players, making multiple attempts necessary for larger guilds to make all their players eligible to move on.


The Planes of Power expansion is often regarded by players who had played since the original release as the death of EverQuest. It was highly criticized because the game strayed away from its core gameplay values that made it such a successful and addictive game for over four years. The Plane of Knowledge was essentially a hub city where all races could gather regardless of their race, class, deity, etc. Knowledge offered many benefits including a bank, dozens of vendors, plenty of tradeskill kiosks, and simply a convenient place to meet up in preparation for a raid or to look for a group. The most criticized part of the zone were the teleportation stones because it made teleports for wizards and druids, who often relied on providing this service to others as their main source of income, obsolete. Additionally, many felt that the game cheated players out of the traveling that made the game such a memorable experience before the expansion.

While the most of EverQuest's core players didn't leave until late 2004 with the release of EverQuest II and World of Warcraft, many felt that the Planes of Power expansion first started to drive people away from the game. With the expansion, the game had ultimately turned from an intimate group-oriented adventure game to a raid fest for guilds only focused on plowing through content and getting new gear.


The discovery of the Planes of Power was made possible by magical books found scattered all around Norrath. Simply touching one of these books will transport an adventurer to the Plane of Knowledge, also known as the city of New Tanaan. From this plane, adventurers can travel to almost any corner of Norrath or even to the moon of Luclin via magical stones that set throughout the city. One of these stones leads to the Plane of Tranquility. If the Plane of Knowledge is a hub to all of the known world, then the Plane of Tranquility is a hub to the astral planes of the gods.

The planes are the physical manifestation of the infinite realms of each divine entity that is known to govern the balance of chaos and order, of good and evil, of nature and corruption, and of wicked and kind. They are beyond the comprehension of mortals. What mortals do understand is that there are three tiers of divinity that have been identified as the governing consciousnesses of the universe and its delicate mediums of balance. The first of these tiers is that of the demigods, the divine entities closest to the mortals in composition, demeanor, and purpose. Many demigods are said to have once been mere mortals; heroes and villains who have ascended through the graces of their patron deities or even through their own accord. The second tier consists of the gods and goddesses of nature and influence, whom mortals are most associated with in the primal world. They are extremely powerful beings with whom mortals identify their emotions, desires, and sentiments. In truth, their intentions cannot be fully understood by mortals and only reveal what they wish to mortals. What mortals can see manifested in front of them when entering these gods' planes is but an unfathomable fraction of their infinite power and presence within the universe. The third and final tier is that of the greater gods of elemental power. They are the gods of the gods, beyond mortal comprehension and reach forever, for even the lesser gods do not fully understand the meaning or existence of these elemental entities. But then, there is a rumor of even a fourth tier. Many have spent years pouring over the seemingly infinite number of tomes, scrolls, and books found in The Myrist, the great library of the Plane of Knowledge. No record of this fourth tier exists, yet it is seems obvious to some that there must be something governing even the elemental gods.

Tier 0

The Plane of Knowledge

  • Access Requirements: None

The Plane of Knowledge is a gateway to the deeper planes of existence. The city of New Tanaan exists here beyond all normal physical and political boundaries, and is a haven for knowledge those who seek it. An elected council governs the city from the top chamber of the Great Library, though most of its members are too preoccupied with study, planar expeditions, and pet projects to be bothered with civic tasks. In spite of the fact that crime is almost non-existent, the citizens of New Tanaan fund a local militia that maintains law and order. Most adventurers use New Tanaan as a waypoint in a longer journey. It is a place to gather information, learn new tradeskills, train with guildmasters, or simply meet up with other adventurers. The city of Tanaan was founded hundreds of years ago by the first travelers to discover the Plane of Knowledge. The Great Library's origins are unknown, as it was here long before mortals arrived. As years passed, the town outgrew its simple roots as an enclave for scholars and blossomed into the full-sized city of New Tanaan. When a council was first elected to govern the city, it was decided the city would be declared a neutral state, meaning all races and religions were welcome. Despite this, the city is still divided into three districts - Kartis, the dark district; Tanaan, the neutral district; and Selia, the light district. All districts are open to everyone regardless of their race or chosen deity though, for a great magic here prevents combat of any kind, melee or magical. Portals to Cabilis, Grobb, Neriak, Oggok, The Overthere, and Paineel can be found in Kartis. Traveling to Erudin, Felwithe, Halas, Kaladim, Kelethin, and Rivervale is made possible through magical stone markers in Selia. And in the neutral district of Tanaan are stones taking adventurers to Ak'anon, Firiona Vie, Freeport, The Great Divide, The Nexus, Qeynos, Shar Vahl, and the Plane of Tranquility, which is where the rest of the astral planes are found. The districts are built around the towering library of Myrist, which dominates the skyline of the city. Immediately surround the library is a vast marketplace of goods and services, which has become quite popular for those focused on tradeskills. A bank is conveniently located her as well. Part of the neutral district is devoted to guild houses where adventurers can get training and purchase new spells. The Plane of Knowledge is probably now the most trafficked area in the known universe.

The Plane of Tranquility

  • Access Requirements: Level 46

The Plane of Tranquility is governed by the gentle, graceful, and innocent goddess known as Quellious. Her child-like manifestation is the consciousness and embodiment of tranquility. She embraces the softer light of goodness and peace of the inner-self in harmony with the surrounding environment. Quellious opposes conflict, but would not dare impose her beliefs on those not willing to listen. She has chosen to stay out of the conflicts between the mortals and the other gods, so she cannot be found anywhere here. Upon entering the plane, adventurers find themselves within a collection of roofless buildings that serve as a small library, a bank, and shops selling general goods. After stepping out of the buildings, one will find themselves on a beautiful, large island in the center of an infinite ocean. The southern shore of the island consists of a white, sandy beach. Hidden between these quaint buildings is a mysterious cube, which is the entrance to the Plane of Torment. Northeast of the small buildings, high on the hills near the edge of the island is a massive pipe that spews an endless flow of sludge marking the entrance to the Plane of Disease. Nearby is a small cave that features a portal to the Crypt of Decay, home to Bertoxxulous. Southwest of here, on the side of the mountain is a pagoda that will take adventurers to the Plane of Air. Moving south along the beach, one will find a large pagoda floating off shore, which is the entrance to the elemental Plane of Fire. Further down the beach are several larger buildings where the elders of tranquility have set up a clinic, and hidden between the three buildings is the entrance to the Plane of Nightmare. Northwest of these buildings, high up on the side of the mountain are a massive set of scales which mark the entrance to the Plane of Justice. Not far from here on the cliffs is a stone archway leading to a cave of magical stones that work as passages to the Plane of Valor, Halls of Honor, Solusek Ro's Tower, and the Plane of Tactics. Further south along the beach is a windmill of Gnomish design, which is the portal to the Plane of Innovation. At the southern most point of the beach is an enormous sundial which marks the entrance to the Plane of Time. North of here, in the hills, are a series of small koi ponds that serve as the gateway to the elemental Plane of Water. On the western most cliffs is a patch of rocky sand gardens that signify the portal to the elemental Plane of Earth. A small opening in the side of the mountain leads under it to the other side of the island where one can find the Plane of Storms and the Bastion of Thunder. The elders of tranquility have struggled to keep the portals open, for the meditation and channeling required to maintain the connections to the astral realms, which has left many of the elders injured.

Tier 1 - Influence

The Plane of Disease

  • Access Requirements: Level 46
  • Flags Earned: Ruins of Lxanvom (Crypt of Decay)

The Plane of Disease is the embodiment of all that is wretched. The surface of this plane is made of a diseased, rotten flesh that festers indefinitely. The blisters and pustules act as hills throughout the region, while infected wounds act as canyons. Thick black hairs grow like trees and a murky river of bile and bodily waste flows into a swamp that welcomes adventurers with a smell so pungent, many collapse in disgust. Far to the west, beyond a wall of bone, lies the Temple of Bertoxxulous, the god of plagues and disease. Diseased rats patrol the entire plane, along with giant mosquitoes carrying malaria that hover around the swamp of bile. Venomous spiders lie hidden around the temple, striking any who come near it. Then there are the bubonian ratmen that inhabit the southern region of the plane. Every inch of the Plane of Disease is teeming with pestilence and the odor of death. The temple itself is infested with hundreds of decaying undead soldiers known as the Knights of Pestilence. The inner temple is first guarded by Aramin, a massive spider that even in defeat, will slaughter countless adventurers when dozens of smaller arachnids spill out of her thorax. The true guardian of the Temple of Bertoxxulous is a pair of festering giants known as Gryme and Grummus. For they guard the door that leads to the Ruins of Lxanvom, more commonly known as the Crypt of Decay. Lxanvom is where the Plaguebringer himself, Bertoxxulous resides.

The Plane of Innovation

  • Access Requirements: Level 46
  • Flags Earned: Drunder, the Fortress of Zek (Plane of Tactics)

The Plane of Innovation consists of a massive steel factory surrounded by a salvage yard full of industrial waste. Miles of narrow valleys twist and turn between the towering piles of junk that litter the plane. Yesterdays models of clockworks roam these valleys aimlessly searching for spare parts to sustain their artificial lives, while new and improved models are being built within the factory. Any who enter the plane should be wary of the outdated, rogue clockworks, for they have only one purpose now; survival. Many Gnomes have been allowed to enter the Plane of Innovation, even before the recent discovery of the realm by Norrathians. It is here that their imaginations run wild with inventions both magnificent and maniacal. There is one Gnome here more notable than the rest. His name is Nitram Anizok, and he has built a home in the northwest corner of the junkyard. Anizok is obviously hard at work constructing a massive machine, who some say is intended for Rallos Zek the Warlord. For the daring adventurers that inquire enough about this creation, Anizok will show them. For on the other side of the junkyard is a oil-spewing, clockwork dragon named Xanamech Nezmirfathen. Anizok will test his greatest creation's skill against those who follow him to the lair. Defeating the monstrosity will earn particpants a key to the factory itself. Once inside the factory, a Gnome named Giwin Mirakon will greet visitors with a request. That is to test one of his creations, the Manaetic Behemoth. This giant clockwork warrior has the ability to drain the life of any assailants using all four elements and pure magic as well, while his Wave of White Noise will silence all casters anywhere near him. Defeating him will earn the right to enter Drunder, the Fortress of Zek, which is better known as the Plane of Tactics. The Plane of Innovation also holds the secrets to entering the Plane of Time, but that would require much more effort to uncover.

The Plane of Justice

  • Access Requirements: Level 46
  • Flags Earned: Plane of Storms, Plane of Valor

The Plane of Justice is an endless, bleak landscape consisting primarily of a prison where beings of all races and origins are sent for committing severe crimes against their society or against the gods themselves. A council of six cloaked entities, the deity known as The Tribunal, governs the plane as judge and jury. They decide the fates of those who are sent before them. Those who worship The Tribunal, mainly Barbarians, believe that the Six Hammers sit eternally in the Court of Justice where the Seventh Hammer, the bailiff of The Tribunal and the only sentient being able to stand before the Six Hammers and not be judged. The Court of Justice lies within an infinite void of swirling space apart from the actual prison. Each of the Six Hammers on The Tribunal employ a different type of sentencing, those being execution, lashing, stoning, hanging, fire, and torture. Many cloaked guardians roam the halls of the prison, making sure the prisoners do not attempt escape, but where would they go anyway? For the most part, the prison cells are divided into two types; those for the humanoid races, and those for the beasts and other creatures. The Tribunal judges solely based on the acts of each prisoner, ignoring their race, religion, or origin. While many prisoners will plead their innocence, there is one who is truly being held wrongly imprisoned here. He is a High Elf man named Mavuin, and if spoken to, he will request the aid of bringing his case to the attention of The Tribunal. A group of six adventurers must pass a trial presented by one of The Six Hammers of their own choosing. Failing will mean the death of an innocent man. Succeeding will earn a clue to entering the next tier of planes.

The Plane of Nightmares

  • Access Requirements: Level 46
  • Flags Earned: Lair of Terris-Thule

The Plane of Nightmares is the realm of Terris-Thule, the Dream Scorcher. She is the daughter of Cazic-Thule, the god of fear, and she has proudly lived up to her father's expectations. Terris is the master of the subconscious and all who close their eyes are at her mercy. She is rivaled by her brother, Morell-Thule the Lord of Dreams, but it is believed that Terris wins most of their battles within the minds of mortals. A dense forest covers much of the dark, misty plane except for an occasional clearing. The creatures that inhabit this realm are those that are most common in people's recounting of their nightmares. Hobgoblins, bloodthirsty ravens, unholy steeds ridden by the undead, werewolves, swarms of venomous spiders, banshees, and gargoyles just to name a few of the horrors here. Upon entering the plane, adventurers find themselves by a small cabin, but should not trust in its safety. A hazy river runs west to east, bisecting the western half of the plane before pouring down a waterfall into an elongated lake that cuts the region in half north to south. In the southern reaches of the eastern half is a frightening gargoyle city. To the north is an entrance to hedge maze where adventurers will likely meet an Erudite named Thelin Poxbourne. Thelin is responsible for opening the passage to Terris' realm, and she is punishing him for this. The physical form of Thelin lies in a coma in the clinic building in the Plane of Tranquility, but his subconscious is trapped here begging to be freed. Terris has offered him freedom if he can complete a simple task of reassembling his trusty dagger, whose pieces are scattered throughout the maze. Of course, this is just a game for the demigod, for she does not honestly intend to free Thelin from his nightmares. Alone, he has no hope, even if he does gather the pieces, but with the help of several groups of adventurers, he can be freed. Once this task is completed, the gates to the far eastern edge of the astral plane will open, leading the way to the Lair of Terris-Thule.

Tier 2 - Influence

The Plane of Storms

  • Access Requirements: Complete one Trial of the Tribunal in the Plane of Justice
  • Flag Earned: The Bastion of Thunder

The Plane of Storms is manifested and governed by the will and consciousness of the Rainkeeper, Karana. The plane is inhabited primarily by tribes of towering giants that are constantly at war with each other around Mount Grenidor. The enormous mountain sits at the center of the Plane of Storms and atop Grenidor is the Bastion of Thunder, where Karana himself resides. When entering the plane from Tranquility, adventurers find themselves on the shore where a expansive plains of Srerendi meet a beautiful ocean called Larquin. Several shipwrecks can be found along the shore, for it is said that the worst storms of the sea can sometimes open a rift to Karana's realm. And a bit further to the west is a fort built on stilts that extend out over the water. It is this fort where Jeplak, the Lord of Srerendi resides. Through the plains and trees of Srerendi are an array of wildlife including colorful frogs, ferocious bears, and sentient plants to name a few. To the west of Mount Grenidor is Krendic, the Desert of Chaos. It is a sea of hardened, brown sandstone polished smooth by the eternal winds. Scorpions and sentient cacti roam the sands, while a tribe of rugged, red giants make their home in a fort on the western edge. It is here where Gurebk, the Lord of Krendic resides. North of Mount Grenidor is Renidar, the Forest of Tears. The enormous trees here make those of the Greater Faydark appear like blades of grass. The branches in the forest serve as natural bridges allowing even the giants to quickly traverse through the trees. A race of bird-like people called the Koka'Vor inhabit these trees. Off to the east is the third giant camp, where Neffiken, the Lord of Kelek'Vor resides. Back near the beach is a cave that extends deep beneath the Plane of Storms. It is inhabited by mortals who have come here to serve Karana. One such person is a Half Elf known as Askr the Lost. He reveals that the giants are not welcome in the Plane of Storms, and it is because of them that he and his people have been trapped in the caves for so long. The giants invaded the plane long ago, laying waste to much of its beauty, and over the years, have since divided into three warring factions. Askr requires proof that an adventurer can rid the realm of these giants, which means obtaining a rare item from each tribe. Once this is done, Askr will explain that the invasion of the Plane of Storms by these giants is only the beginning. For he fears that even Karana himself may be in danger. Askr explains that only ones who carry an Esoteric Medallion may pass into Karana's home, and the medallions have been shattered into pieces held by the high ranking giants of each region. One must acquire two halves and present them to Askr to move on with the journey to save the Rainkeeper.

The Plane of Valor

  • Access Requirements: Complete one Trial of the Tribunal in the Plane of Justice
  • Flag Earned: The Halls of Honor

The Plane of Valor is a proving ground manifested by Mithaniel Marr, the Lightbringer. It is here where he invites the greatest knights and paladins in history to test their skills before earning access to the Halls of Honor. Upon entering the Plane of Valor, adventurers are met with a large cemetery where some of the world's greatest heroes have been laid to rest. The burial grounds are surrounded by a beautiful forest, which creates a peaceful place for the most devout followers of Mithaniel Marr. Beyond the forest are the Plains of Marr, an expansive area of rolling grasslands, fertile and rich with vegetation. Many magnificent creatures including both unicorns and pegasus graze these plains. A crystal clear river surrounds the forest and is fed by a waterfall that hurtles from a large cliff face covered in green moss. At the north end of the plains is a citadel where the most honorable men and women of all races practice their skills. From this citadel is a winding bridge that leads up the cliff face, over the river, and to another citadel that sits atop the ridge. This upper area of the Plane of Valor is in stark contrast to the beautiful lands below. After exiting the citadel up here, adventurers will face a seemingly endless wasteland of glass where an army of crystalline golems wait to test the greatest warriors in the universe. Beyond the fields of glass is the Canyon of Marr, but access is off limits until proving one's self to Paralin Notion and Master Sergeant Aaramis Daryln. The Master Sergeant speaks of glass dragon that once roamed the skies of the Plane of Valor, but was struck down in a thunderstorm and infested by the razorfiend larvae that have become a threat to everyone in the plane. The crystalline dragon, Aerin`Dar, has since become a threat to everyone, and it is their job to eliminate him. Aerin`Dar is locked within the canyon, which can be accessed after collecting some rare items for Captain Ryglot Cupperhide. Aerin'Dar has the ability to damage his attackers with showers of glass shards, all the while golems enter the fray to confuse and distract adventurers. Beyond Aerin`Dar's lair is the rest of the canyon that leads to the entrance of the Halls of Honor.

The Ruins of Lxanvom

  • Access Requirements: Defeat Grummus in the Plane of Disease
  • Flag Earned: 1/2 of the requirement for the Plane of Torment

The Ruins of Lxanvom is more commonly known as the Crypt of Decay, and is the home to the god of disease and plague, Bertoxxulous. The Crypt of Decay is an ancient structure manifested within the Plane of Disease. Its walls are soiled, damp, and alltogether foul. The entire place reeks of death as heaps of carrion rot in the corners of every room. Thousands of years ago, an ancient civilization named the crypt Lxanvom, meaning "King's Rest" in their language, and it is here where they kept their fallen royalty. After many centuries, a festering evil began to overwhelm the lower depths of the crypt. This was the influence of the Plague Bringer himself, Bertoxxulous. Some scholars of the Myrist believe this was the birthplace of the god of disease, but other believe he has existed since the beginning of time and that Lxanvom is just the first recorded existence. Bertoxxulous chose the high priest of Lxanvom, Ultor Szanvon, as the first missionary sent forth to spread the word of the Plague Bringer. Today, many necromancers and shadowknights are devout followers due to Ultor's early foul deeds. One such deed was luring the reigning king of his people to the crypt under the pretense that it would be honor their history to pay respect to the former kings that rest there. When the king arrived, Ultor performed a ritual in the presence of Bertoxxulous by sacrificing the king and summoned twelve spirits of long dead kings of the Adan family, transforming them into powerful, horrid creatures, and binding them to the service of the Plague Bringer. These twelve set forth on a path of destruction through the land, erasing any history or remnant of this ancient civilization. Bertoxxulous then summoned the crypt and all of his minions within to the Plane of Disease. The crypt is now inhabited by a legion of knights from the ancient crypt along with an assortment of disgusting creatures including puslings, bubonian rats, venomous spiders, and various undead monstrosities. Bertoxxulous himself is a frightful representation of all he embodies. He is a foul, grotesque being of indescribable horror and putrid infestation that would turn the stomach of even the most hardy warriors. Bertoxxulous will only confront mortals himself after all twelve of the kings have fallen.

The Lair of Terris-Thule

  • Access Requirements: Complete the Hedge Maze in the Plane of Nightmares
  • Flag Earned: 1/2 of the requirements for Plane of Torment

The Lair of Terris-Thule is only accessible through a large portcullis in the Plane of Nightmares, which is guarded by a powerful undead rider known simply as the Tyrant of Nightmare. The lair itself is a twisting valley full of undead knights. Much like the Plane of Nightmares, the sky is eternally purple, giving a sense of uneasiness to all who enter. Those who survive the onslaught of dreadful guardians that inhabit the valley will eventually find a large open area consisting of a stone henge. In the center of the ancient structure is the Dream Scorcher herself, Terris-Thule. Guarded by a horde of undead, and with gargoyles and swarms of dream defiling wraiths at her disposal, Terris-Thule has more than a few tricks up her sleeve to help her deal with those who trespass into her plane. She manifests herself as an extremely pale woman, draped in a flowing purple gown. Beauty does not come to mind when describing her appearance though, for much like her father, Cazic-Thule, she has no face save for a pair of sunken, solid black eyes. Twisted horns extend from her forehead through her lavender hair and her fingers look to be as sharp as swords. She is truly a terrorizing sight and is likely the first god that adventurers will witness with their own eyes within the Planes of Power.

Tier 3 - Power

The Halls of Honor

  • Access Requirements: Defeat Aerin`Dar in the Plane of Valor
  • Flag Earned: Temple of Marr

The Halls of Honor is the home of the Battalion of Marr, those who have proven themselves worthy to Mithaniel Marr through dedication in the physical realm and in the Plane of Valor. Architecturally, the realm of the Lightbringer is unbelievably beautiful, carved entirely of white marble and accented with precious metals. It is adorned with various ornaments, ranging from statues of unrivaled realism to elaborately decorated vases. Four mausoleums have been built in the corners of the plane, which house the remains of those who committed selfless acts and bravery in their mortal lives. Part of the battalion's purpose is to keep the Halls of Honor free of those who are not worthy to be in its presence, which means virtually any adventurer making their way here, regardless of the good deeds carried out in the Plane of Valor. Mithaniel Marr himself resides within the Temple of Marr, which can be seen high upon a cliff from far and wide. Entrance by mortals is strictly forbidden, for the temple is said to be too pure and honorable for them to fathom. To get around this edict, adventurers must complete a series of trials that test the honor and valor of all those who attempt them. One consists of keeping a village of innocent citizens from an invasion of Ogres. The second consists of ridding the realm of a legion of nomad madmen. The final trial requires a battle against an ancient member of the Dar family of dragons, Rydda`Dar. Only after all three of these trials are complete could a mere mortal even attempt to enter the Temple of Marr. And even those that do, do not often survive for more than a few moments.

The Temple of Marr

  • Access Requirements: Complete all three trials in the Halls of Honor
  • Flags Earned: 1 of 4 parts required for Tower of Solusek Ro

The Temple of Marr is a relatively small building, but it is guarded fiercely by a pack of wrulons, ferocious wolf-like creatures. One such wrulon stands just a few steps away from the mystical portal that brings visitors up from the Halls of Honor below. So those who are not welcome here, will certainly be attacked immediately unless they employ some means of invisibility. Inside is Lord Mithaniel Marr's Court. Ralthazor the Champion of Marr stands proudly in front of his deity, for he was the first, and probably most powerful, Froglok created by Marr. Flanking him are Halon of Marr, a Barbarian woman of unmatched valor, and Edium the Guardian of Marr, a tall Human man of unrivaled honor. Beyond these powerful guardians is Lord Mithaniel Marr himself. He manifests himself as a towering Barbarian clad in gleaming silver plate armor and he wields a sword that forever pulses with blue flame. His blond beard is all that his shining, winged helmet reveals of his face, aside from his piercing blue eyes that glow from within the sockets of the helm. Marr does not wish to be bothered within his temple, but he also loves the act of battle, and will accept a challenge regardless of how many soldiers his enemy brings to a fight. For those able to defeat him, he will reveal but a small portion of the secrets to accessing the elemental planes of power.

The Bastion of Thunder

  • Access Requirements: Complete key quest for Askr the Lost in the Plane of Storms
  • Flags Earned: 1 of 2 parts required for Elemental Planes (Earth, Air, Water)

The Bastion of Thunder rests atop Mount Grenidor in the Plane of Storms. The altitude is high enough that is above the silver blanket of perpetual storms that cover the land below. The fortress is covered in snow and reaches into the stratospheric storms of the ether. Upon entering the bastion, adventurers will be met by the grizzled, yet friendly, face of Askr the Lost. The fortress appears to be built of natural materials, which have been smoothed by an eternity of sand and rock blasted into the walls from the astral winds. Four distinct towers surround an open courtyard. Each tower represents a different type of storm, those being lightning, sand, blizzard, and tornado. In the center of the courtyard is Torden, the tower in which Karana himself resides. For a plane of existence that is perpetually in chaos, Karana is calmer and more docile than likely any other god. Even when Bertoxxulous set a plague upon Karana's namesake, the plains of Karana in Antonica, Karana did not retaliate. He remains in his tower, usually in his study, like a hermit. The giants who inhabit each of the four towers are avatars of their respective types of storms, and their purpose is to conduct storm systems of all environmental classifications. But for a while now, Karana has been believed to be asleep, and due to this, the avatars have lost focus and the chaos has spun out of control. Adventurers coming to the Bastion of Thunder are immediately blasted with nature's merciless wrath. The truth is that the Rainkeeper has been put into a coma, and another has risen to usurp the role of this god. His name is Agnarr the Storm Lord, and he even resembles Karana. Karana manifests himself as a man with dark blue skin, shining eyes, a solid white beard, and a hooded robe that appears to be made of flowing waters. Defeating Agnarr is the only way to break the spell holding Karana in his coma. In order to gain access to Torden, where Agnarr now rules, one must collect a sphere from each of the four storm towers. As a reward, Karana will bestow all knowledge he has on the elemental planes to those who free him. In this tome, written in the language of the gods, it speaks of Zebuxoruk the Fallen, a deity who is neither good nor evil, but is ignored by all other gods. Karana requests that the champions who rid his realm of Agnarr follow the path of the Fallen. He is a man who was once a god and is believed to be imprisoned in the Plane of Time.

The Plane of Torment

The Plane of Torment is a the realm of Saryrn, Mistress of Torment. Her plane is a solid black cube that floats through the ether that lies between the other planes. The cube has been manifested by Saryrn in an attempt to reflect the endless pain, cruelty, and suffering of the mind, body, and soul that she embodies. Saryrn, and the Plane of Torment itself, grows in power the more suffering that takes place there. Many islands exist within the cube, connected by various bridges, all of which float high above a seemingly endless lake of blood. The islands appear to built out of obsidian and are decorated with chains, spikes, and various devices of torture. While moans and screams of agony can be heard through the plane, if one listens closely, Saryrn can be heard giggling, or even singing along to her victims' begging. The cube that contains the Plane of Torment is just as much a prison for Saryrn herself as it is for her victims. The difference is that she enjoys the pain and suffering. She resides on the largest island, which floats in the center of the plane, which is known as the Citadel of Pain. Fountains of blood gush out of the base of the citadel. The task at hand here is to free a Wood Elf bard named Tylis Newleaf from eternal suffering at the hands of a massive, hooved werewolf known as the Keeper of Sorrows. After completing this task, it is on to the Mistress of Torment herself. At the apex of the citadel is a large chamber of glass where Saryrn can watch over her realm along with her pet raven, Sorrowsong. Saryrn is one of a few gods who were once mortal, and in her mortal life she was the most devout follower of Erollisi Marr, the goddess of love. Her devotion was over the top, and when she found that her husband had his heart set on another woman, she slaughtered the two of them and devoted her life to destroying anything sacred to Erollisi by instilling anguish and despair into others. Saryrn manifests herself as a tall, pale woman clad in crimson and black. She wears knee-high boots, a corset, gauntlets equipped with spikes, and a steel facemask that completely hides her face.

Drunder, the Fortress of Zek

  • Access Requirements: Defeat the Manaetic Behemoth in the Plane of Innovation
  • Flags Earned: Defeating Tallon & Vallon - 2 of 4 parts required for the Tower of Solusek Ro; Defeating Rallos Zek - 1 of 2 parts required for Elemental Planes (Earth, Air, Water)

Drunder, the Fortress of Zek, is more commonly known simply as the Plane of Tactics and it is the realm of the Zek family. Drunder is a massive stone stronghold that towers above the Field of Blood within the undiscovered Plane of War. It is inhabited by an enormous army of Zek's finest creations, primarily Ogres, who have remained safe from The Rathe's curse. Upon entering the fortress and walking a short distance down the great hall of stone, there are paths leading both north and south into separate wings of the castle. At the end of the north wing is Vallon Zek, known as the god of tactics and governor of war. In the south wing is Vallon's twin brother Tallon Zek, known as the god of strategy and the beholder of battle. The twins manifest themselves towering Orc-like creatures who are clad in emerald and black capes with crimson chainmail. They can be identified most easily by the fact that Vallon wields an obsidian scimitar while Tallon wields a bow. Defeating the two brothers is the only way to challenge Rallos Zek the Warlord, but it will also reveal, with the help of Maelin Starpyre's translations in the Great Library of Myrist, that Rallos Zek and Solusek Ro are planning a raid on Norrath. Back near the entrance, by ignoring the north and south wings, one will soon come upon a massive pit surrounded by spikes larger than a Troll. At the bottom of the pit is an arena of bloodstained sand. On the arena level, there are stables of boars more ferocious and fearsome than any such creature seen on the face of Norrath. One can only imagine the destruction these beasts could unleash if set loose on the field of battle. Also down here are the barracks for Zek's army, a dining hall, kitchen, and armory. Past the armory is the forge, which has a river of lava running through it. Back upstairs, on the edge of the pit, is a passage that leads upstairs to Rallos' tower. It is here where one can find the War Room of Zek, where all the tactical considerations are played out before The Warlord himself. Maps that hang on the walls consist of worlds never heard of by any Norrathian. The upper halls are guarded by the Diaku, the elite of the elite Ogres in Zek's army. The Diaku are divided into three groups, each under the training of one of the three Zeks of the realm. The Gindan are masters of long range warfare similar to Tallon. The Hendin are the assassins, trained ruthlessly by Vallon. And then there are the most fearsome warriors in history, the Decorus, trained by Rallos Zek himself. Those who survive the tower to challenge Rallos Zek will be lured back to the sandy arena by The Warlord. Rallos Zek manifests himself as a hulking mass of stark black plate armor with a horned helmet, spikes sprouting from his shoulders and back, and terrorizing red eyes that burn from within his visor. He wields an enormous double bladed axe that is forever on fire, and he swings it with unfathomable speed.

Tower of Solusek Ro

The Tower of Solusek is the realm of the Burning Prince, also known as the Lord of the Sun and Flame. His great tower rises up from the inferno of his realm like a pillar of solidified flame. The tower sits on an island just off the edge of the elemental Plane of Fire. Solusek Ro's realm is inhabited by an army of powerful wizards but also demons, gargoyles, magma golems, efreeti, and fire elementals. Before scaling the pillar of flame, one must explore the five different paths that lead beneath the realm. The path farthest to the left leads to a hooved and horned demon named Xuzl whose arcane wisdom pulses through the minds of any near him. The second path will take adventurers to Arlyxir a powerful phoenix whose wealth of knowledge flows through the minds any who defeat him. The middle path lures raiders into the lair of a powerful efreeti lord named Jiva. The fourth road leads to a mysterious Half Elf woman in gold plate armor. When she falls, she transforms into a legendary golden dragon. The final path leads the deepest into the plane towards a relic of unfathomable power known as the Dresolik. It is guarded by the Protector of Dresolik, a towering man made of flame. Once all five of these targets have been defeated, only then can one scale the pillar of flame and challenge the Burning Prince himself. Solusek Ro is one of the most well-known gods in the minds of the people of Norrath, for he has personally been involved in their history multiple times. He manifests himself as an elegant man with flowing white hair. The right half of his body is solid white while the left half is black as the midnight sky. He wears a crown of fire and regal robe of red and black. He wields an enormous spear made of flames. Attacking Solusek Ro may not be a smart move for more than the obvious reasons. His body itself is enveloped in fire and flame, severely burning any who touch him. Long range tactics are adventurer's best bet here.

Tier 4 - Elemental

Doomfire, the Burning Lands

  • Access Requirements: Defeat Solusek Ro
  • Flag Earned: 1 of 4 parts required for the Plane of Time (Globe of Dancing Flame)

Doomfire is more commonly known simply as the Plane of Fire. This elemental plane is built upon a range of highly active volcanoes scorched ash, and a choking smoke lingers in the air. The realm reflects the creative and destructive element of fire and is manifested by Fennin Ro, the Tyrant of Fire. Upon entering this wasteland of lava and ash, adventurers are met with what can loosely be described as a forest, except the trees appear more like obsidian pillars which are eternally on fire. Beyond the forest is a river of lava that works as a moat for a fortress whose walls are twice as tall as a hill giant. Some have reported having the ability to levitate from atop one of the nearby volcanoes and make it over, but they will instantly be met by an army of doomfire soldiers, fiery gargoyles, and various red demons. The other option is not any better, for it consists of swimming up the river of lava and into the towering volcano, then following the veins of magma under the wall. Assuming one could survive without breathing and not burn to death, they too will emerge within the fortress' walls. The fortress is not very deep, and the back door is not far away. Through the doors, on the other side, is a massive lake of lava with a bridge that spans across it at a ninety degree angle. The bridge is guarded by ancient phoenixes, Jaxoliz Dawneyes and Criare Sunmane, that will quickly halt any adventurers fleeing from the fortress. Beyond the bridge is another wide open wasteland of ash with hundreds of roaming inhabitants of the Plane of Fire. The most notable of these are Babnoxis the Spider Queen, an arachnid of mammoth proportions; Magmaton, a towering golem of living lava; Blazzax the Omnifiend, a maniacal fire demon; Quavons Firetail, another phoenix; and Pyronis, an inexplicably powerful frog. Those who survive the wasteland are met with another fortress, larger than the first, which is run by General Reparm and a mighty efreeti named Arch Mage Yozanni. At the rear of the castle is a frighteningly enormous demon known simply as the Guardian of Doomfire. He is basically the last line of defense before approaching Fennin Ro's throne. After traversing a winding bridge over another lake of lava, adventurers will approach the Tyrant of Fire's home. Fennin Ro manifests himself as a gigantic, winged, red demon and wears deep blue plate mail on his chest and upper legs. He has twisted gold horns growing from his head and enormous wings that appear to be made of fire. He wields a mace the size of a Surefall tree and can rain fire upon an entire army of attackers that drains not just their health, but mana as well. Of all the elemental gods, Fennin Ro has shown the most interest in the lesser beings of Influence and Nature, which at least partially explains the creation of his son, Solusek Ro, who often meddles in the affairs of mortals.

Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind

  • Access Requirements: Defeat Rallos Zek and Agnarr the Storm Lord
  • Flags Earned: 1 of 4 parts required for the Plane of Time (Amorphous Cloud of Air)

Eryslai is more commonly referred to as the Plane of Air, not to be confused with the Plane of Sky. Eryslai is the dominion of Xegony, the Queen of Air and it is perched high above the material and astral worlds in the clouds of the ether. It is a collection of majestic islands that represent Xegony's idyllic beauty. The Plane of Air is a wonderous place of beauty and peacefulness, until adventurers from Norrath arrive. For all its beauty, Eryslai is just as mysterious. The keys to unlocking its secrets are hidden well and held by powerful creatures with immeasurable knowledge of the arcane arts. Bodyless suits of armor are trained to defend the realm if such an invasion comes, but Xegony strives to remove the taint of warfare from the lesser planes and the mortal worlds as well. The four primary islands of the plane are each places of worship and study, not just for the natural inhabitants, but for a rare select few who have been chosen by Xegony herself to learn from the wealth of knowledge and power she holds. Each castle of these four castles is governed by an avatar created by Xegony herself. These avatars (Dust, Mist, Smoke, Wind) are powerful beyond the comprehension of even some deities, and each holds a piece of a key required to reach the highest island, that of the Queen of Air herself. On a journey up the various winding halls and islands, adventurers will be tested by all types of avian creatures and air elementals. At the highest reaches of the plane is a small island of almost invisible spiders. In the center is a small rainbow, which works a teleporter to Xegony's island, which is unimaginably higher into the cosmos. She manifests herself as a towering Elf-like woman more beautiful than any witnessed by mortal eyes. The wings that extend from her back are much like a butterfly, with hues of blue and green swirling throughout. She wears a translucent purple gown and wields a wand of immense elemental power. Despite her aversion to war, she does not tolerate mortal visitors, and will defend herself by crippling her attacker's attack speed and eliminating their ability to use various skills they've learned. Xegony will also randomly summon the aid of her many creations, regardless of how thoroughly an army has cleared her plane.

The Reef of Coirnav

  • Access Requirements: Defeat Rallos Zek and Agnarr the Storm Lord
  • Flag Earned: 1 of 4 parts required for the Plane of Time (Sphere of Coalesced Water)

The Reef of Coirnav is but a fraction of the immense Plane of Water, but is the only portion yet to be discovered by the elders in the Plane of Tranquility. It is governed by the Triumvirate of Water, which consists of three gods who represent the three forms of the element. Tarew Marr the Fathom Lord, the father of Mithaniel and Erollisi, represents the liquid state. E'ci, the Wintry Guardian, is the goddess who governs the solid state. And then there is Povar, the Veiled One, who has no physical form and cares not for the affairs of Nature and Influence. None of the members of the Triumvirate of Water can be found in this sector of the Plane of Water. They have enlisted an avatar known as Coirnav to defend their realm from the invading mortals. The entirety of the reef, save for the small entrance area, is completely underwater. The upper tier consists of a beautiful, sprawling coral reef teeming with exotic fish and other vibrant, aquatic life. Beneath this tier is a vast ocean where a tribe of fishmen called the Hraquis live, ruled by a great shaman chieftain known as Ofossaa the Enlightened. They protect this area along with a race of crustacean men called Regrua, who are led by a massive beast named Krziik the Mighty. In an almost hidden cove near the darkest depths of the realm is a fierce kraken named Hydrotha. Then, approaching the avatar's dwelling, there are the Triloun, a race of ancient mephits that wield immense power over the element of water. They are led by Grioihon the Wise, whose age and knowledge is immeasurable. And finally is Coirnav, the Avatar of Water itself. Coirnav was created by the Triumvirate using a piece of each of their essences and divine powers. Over time he has developed special powers based on all three forms of the element. It is now that the Triumvirate has chosen to deploy their creation, for now it is of the utmost importance to stop the mortal's raid upon the Planes of Power.

Vegarlson, the Earthen Badlands

  • Access Requirements: Defeat Rallos Zek and Agnarr the Storm Lord
  • Flag Earned: Ragrax, Stronghold of the Twelve

Vegarlson is the very same Plane of Earth heard of in the stories of Rallosian Empire of ancient times. It is here where the Ogres and other creations of Zek raided the elemental planes and defeated The Rathe, a council of twelve divine beings that govern the element. This would lead to all of Zek's children being cursed with feeble minds, a burden they carry to this day. The Rathe's realm is manifested in the form of muddy lakes, caves, jungles, caverns, and mountains, all of which are full of precious jewels and metals forged by the power of earth. The plane has many wandering denizens, most commonly the Vegorogs, an enormous race of people seemingly built of rotting vegetation and fungus. Planar scholars insist that these Vegorogs are not native to the plane, but are the remnants of Murdunk's army of Ogres that invaded Vegarlson. They are now cursed to wander eternally with decaying bodies and hearts of solid stone. In the expansive fields of dirt and mud stand four temples of heavenly construction. Each are guarded by an endless number of creatures, but some more notable than others. The first of which most will approach is a prismatic basilisk. Then there's the Monstrous Mudwalker, a golem of immense power. There are even traps that if triggered will summon an ancient being known as Tribal Leader Diseranon. Two rock golems also reside here, named Galsinak Earthrumble and Peregrin Rockskull, and they make the rock golems of Luclin seem as tough as the bixies of Misty Thicket. And for those that make through the mire of mud, there is a fortress at the southern end of the plane. A locked door holds shut the path to the Rathe Council chambers. And it is guarded by a crocodile named Tantisala Jaggedtooth, who is so large that he could easily swallow a dragon whole. Beyond the door is a series of tunnels inhabited by fierce geonids, a race of living gemstones. Specific tasks must be completed within these mines in order to incur the wrath the Mystical Arbiter of Earth. He is the one who holds the key to Ragrax, the Stronghold of the Twelve.

Ragrax, Stronghold of the Twelve

  • Access Requirements: Defeat the Mystical Arbiter of Earth in Vegarlson
  • Flag Earned: 1 of 4 parts required for the Plane of Time (Mound of Living Stone)

Ragrax is where the Rathe councilmen call home. They care not for the affairs of mortals, but if their patience is tried, they react swiftly and without remorse. The Ogres, giants, and goblins of Norrath can attest to this. Each of the twelve members maintains an identical figure comprised of green, grassy hair and earthen skin with veins of blood and turquoise. They are an extension of the element of earth and the plane itself, so for each member that falls, another will emerge from the earth to replace him. They are emotionless, and well beyond the comprehension of mortal understanding. They show no trace of personality recognizable or comparable to those of the other gods, or of mortal beings. The Rathe Council may consist of twelve entities but they are one consciousness. Following the ancient Ogre army's lead, adventurers have led assaults on the embodiment of earth only to realize that in their victory over the twelve, they summoned the wrath of the Avatar of Earth, who carries the combined might of the entire council and possibly more. The Avatar of Earth is able to limit the combat skills of all attackers and eliminate the use of beneficial spells by all magic users. He also seemingly attacks at random in a flurry of epic proportions. But he must be defeated in order to make it to Zebuxoruk's prison, the Plane of Time.

Tier 5 - Time

The Plane of Time

The Plane of Time is culmination of an epic conquest through the planes of the demigods, the planes of nature and influence, and the planes of power. It is here where the "ungod" Zebuxoruk has been imprisoned by the pantheon of gods and goddesses, and where they argue over what to ultimately do with him. For it was Zebuxoruk who attempted to pass the powers of the gods themselves into the hands of the mortals by opening the door to the astral manifestations of the divine beings of the universe. The Plane of Time is not governed by any one god, unless one were to refer to The Nameless, creator of all, who ultimately governs all existence. It is a manifestation of history itself. The first portion of the plane is divided into five areas by rifts in time itself. Clockwise from northwest are areas devoted to Undead, Fire, Earth, Water, and Air.

Phase One consists of entering the five separate worlds manifested by the gods and defeating servitors of Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Undead. After the fifth defender falls, adventurers will witness a meeting between Fennin Ro, Xegony, The Rathe, Rallos Zek, and Solusek Ro as they argue over what they must do to stop the advancement of the mortals. Zek and Solusek are of the mind that the mortals but destroyed outright, but Fennin warns that doing so would disrupt the balance of power within the universe, and without mortals, their power would fade. The Rathe, neutral in all things, interjects by revealing that if the mortals were to translate the language of the divine as Zebuxoruk wishes, the fabric of time would unravel. Solusek storms out of the meeting disappointed in his father. The Rathe attempts to calm Zek's wrath by suggesting Zebuxoruk be put in a stasis which can never be broken. The Rathe's request of Zek's help should demonstrate how dire the situation is. Xegony requests that Mithaniel Marr and Karana record this meeting, for their good nature will ensure that history remembers this time without bias. She admits that allowing Zebuxoruk to gain so much power was the true failure of the gods.

Phase Two begins by adding an additional hour to the sands of time. The enormous clocks at the rear of each of the five worlds will open, revealing a new trial. Fire and Water become connected, as do Earth and Air, while the Undead world remains alone. Adventurers must once again battle a small army of creatures devoted to each region before time elapses. This time the attacks come in waves, so coordination between all fronts is key. Upon the death of the fifth servitor, the clock gates will reopen, allowing the groups of adventurers to return to each other. An ethereal mist gathers at the far wall, giving the adventurers another vision of the gods. The Triumvirate of Water speaks as one being as it requests the other gods to step up and sacrifice part of their power to bind Zebuxoruk in an eternal stasis. Saryrn and Terris-Thule are wary of what may happen to them in their weakened state, but Cazic-Thule ensures his daughter that they will stay within the Plane of Time until recovering from the event. Rallos Zek and Bertoxxulous agree, and add that their minions will regenerate their power. Innoruuk, always the spiteful one, calls out The Tribunal for not helping their cause. The Seventh Hammer responds by blaming Innoruuk for the countless trials the Tribunal is tasked with. He argues it is the hate that Innoruuk instills in all the creatures of Norrath that lead to the crimes the preoccupy The Six Hammers. Innoruuk threatens to seek the Seventh Hammer after his powers recover. The vision then fades from the minds of the adventurers.

Phase Three begins by adding yet another 75 minutes to the hourglass. The gods have now sent waves of denizens from each of their planes to slow the advancement of the mortals. The waves come in the order of Tactics, Disease, Tactics, Fear, Tactics, Hate, Nightmare, and Torment. When the eighth wave falls, two powerful golems will enter the fray. They are the Supernatural Guardian and the Avatar of the Elements. When the avatar crashes to the floor, it as if the entire plane shakes. Another vision appears and Terris-Thule doubts the might of the other gods armies. Tallon Zek laughs and assures that the armies of War and Tactics will be the backbone of the coalition. Saryrn naively believes that the mortals will never make it this far and that bringing their minions to the Plane of Time was unnecessary.

Phase Four begins by dumping another four hours worth of sand into the proverbial hourglass. Upon passing through the portal from the phase three chamber, adventurers will arrive in the halls of the gods, much to Saryrn's dismay. Terris-Thule is also present here, as well as Tallon and Vallon Zek who stand together. They can all be challenged separately, though if adventurers are not careful, they could end up fighting the Zek twins simultaneously. No matter what order they fall, once the fourth deity topples, another vision will rush through the minds of the mortals. Rallos Zek is immediately aware of his sons' defeat. Innoruuk foolishly tells Rallos that what Rallos senses is just an affect of the stasis they placed on Zebuxoruk. Cazic-Thule interjects when suddenly realizing that his daughter has fallen to the mortals as well. Bertoxxulous begins to worry and summons an army from the Crypt of Decay to defend him. Innoruuk blames the incompetency of the others and their children for what he fears could be his demise. Rallos puts everyone in check by pointing out that they must combine their might in their weakened state to put a stop to the mortals. They all follow Bertoxxulous' lead by summoning armies from each of their planes.

Phase Five begins by tacking on another four hours. After touching the artifact in front of the Zek brother's room, the adventurers are transported to another pantheon of gods. A sizeable army representing each of the four gods in the room must be defeated first. For all his talking, Innoruuk still puts up one of the toughest fights of the four, which will bring back vivid memories of the Plane of Hate for the older adventurers. Cazic-Thule will recall memories in much the same way. Bertoxxulous has a few new tricks up his sleeve from the last battle in the Ruins of Lxanvom. And Rallos Zek will hold nothing back after being defeated in his own fortress, Drunder. Once the fourth god falls, a final vision is presented to the mortals. Fennin Ro is in disbelief. Xegony regrets that it has come to this and appears to be realizing that Solusek's original plan may have been the best. The Triumvirate of Water and The Rathe decide that it is time to infuse their powers and call forth the beast that they swore would never be necessary. The Rathe believes this beast to be the final wall standing between them and non-existence. Before the beast is revealed, the vision fades.

Phase Six is the final phase and consists of a single enemy, Quarm. Quarm is an enormous, four-headed dragon comprises of the four elements. He is the embodiment of the Planes of Power themselves and wields eight divine spells that will rain down upon everything within his chamber affecting virtually every status possible. As the battle progresses, Quarm will first lose his red head as it explodes into a shower of flaming ethereal energy. Next, his blue head will combust, eliminating his power over water. Third, is his white head bursts into a swirling vortex, costing him his command over the element of air. Once the earthen head falls, Quarm has obviously been defeated. Shortly afterward, a black box appears. Once it is broken open, Zebuxoruk emerges and staggers about. He thanks the mortals for freeing him and is surprised they made it this far. He advises that he and the mortals must return to Norrath quickly, for something is coming that threatens them all. Zebuxoruk is shocked that the gods took such drastic measures to imprison him, knowing full well they would leave themselves vulnerable. He chalks it up to the fact that all of The Nameless' creations are capable of poor judgment and irrational behavior. The gods are burdened with powers beyond mortal comprehension, but even the gods get lost within their might occasionally. Zebuxoruk explains that the gods do not understand that without the mortals worshiping them, the gods cease to exist and an age of darkness will wash over all existence. He says he did not do what he did to interfere with the gods or their realms, but only to free them from the fate that awaits everyone. A fate that waits greedily on the edge of The Void, ready to test the will of all mortals.

Before Zebuxoruk can finish his thoughts, Druzzil Ro appears beside him after a blinding flash of light. Druzzil Ro is the goddess of magic and typically manifests herself as a youthful Erudite woman with stark white hair and a platinum crown. Aside from being the goddess of magic, she is also the patron deity of art, the daughter of Fennin Ro, the sister of Solusek Ro, and mother of Ayonae Ro. She speaks telepathically in a way that soothes the mind. She advises that she cannot allow Zebuxoruk to escape to Norrath. Zebuxoruk is confused, for it is Druzzil Ro herself who taught him to seek knowledge and to share it in all forms. Druzzil Ro corrects him by stating that she advised only to share it if it did not affect the fate of others. She explains that she must reorder the weave of time itself to before he and the mortals came to the Plane of Time. She admits that none of the mortals will understand the reasoning behind this, but it must be done. As she looks at Zebuxoruk one last time, sadness crosses her beautiful face. As she begins chanting, things start moving in reverse. Druzzil smiles kindly, waves her arms gracefully and points at the band of mortals sending them backward through time and space. They awake in the Plane of Knowledge in front of Maelin Starpyre just before handing him the elements recovered from the Doomfire, Eryslai, Coirnav, and Ragrax. Druzzil has restored existence back to its normalcy.


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EverQuest: Titanium Edition
EverQuest: Titanium Edition
Platform PC
Region United States
Developer Daybreak Games
Publisher Daybreak Games
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