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Released October 22, 1998 · consists of 2 releases.

LSD is a Japan-only PlayStation title which proclaims itself to be a "dream emulator." Essentially, the player explores simulated dreams which can become progressively surreal, depending on the actions taken during such sequences.

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First release date October 22, 1998
Platform PlayStation , PlayStation Network (PS3) , PlayStation Network (PSP)
Developer OutSide Directors Company
Publisher Asmik Ace Entertainment
Genre Adventure
Theme Horror , Fantasy , Abstract

General Info

LSD, an acronym short for "Link Speed Dream", among other phrases, is a Japanese video game developed by OutSide Directors Company and published by Asmik Ace Entertainment on October 22, 1998 for the PlayStation. LSD is loosely based on a dream diary that Hiroko Nishikawa, a writer at Asmik Ace, had compiled over the course of a decade, excerpts of which were published with the title "Lovely Sweet Dream". The game is set in a first-person environment, with the player interacting with the environment solely through exploration.

During development Osamu Sato, LSD's director, had hoped for the game to be localized in English, however the game never saw overseas release, likely due to its niche appeal and poor initial reception in Japan. Despite this, the game eventually gained a sizable cult following overseas, especially as fueled by internet "Let's Plays" and discussions of the game and its surreal aesthetic.


LSD features no set goals or objectives, instead allowing the player to roam freely throughout a dream world. Environments take on different appearances as the player explores, with the world sometimes appearing like a normal real-life environment, while other times it can appear distorted, covered in writing, or even take on disturbing qualities, such as walls being covered in eyes. The player travels through the world on foot, although movement can also happen through "linking", done by walking into anything in the environment, sending the player somewhere else in the world.

Each dream ends after roughly 10 minutes, at which point the player "wakes up" and returns to the menu. However, much like in ordinary dreams, the player can wake up early under various conditions, such as falling from a height.

After the player has had at least 10 dreams, Flashback Mode will unlock, allowing the player to revisit specific moments from past dreams. While in a flashback, the player is more likely to link. As well, Flashback mode can be disabled for a day's dream if the player encounters certain things during a dream.

The Graph

Shown after each dream, the graph charts a general direction which the player's dreams have taken, based on their actions during the dream. The graph maps four directions, 'Upper', 'Downer', 'Dynamic', and 'Static'. The location of the previous day's dream location on the graph, in turn, determines where the player begins their next dream.

Filling in the chart completely is impossible, as past dreams' tiles clear after a certain number of days. However, if the player's dream directions fill in the tiles directly on top of the graph's eyes, nose, and a specific tile below the nose, an event will occur which showing several short video clips in a row.

Once the player completes day 365, a unique cutscene will play featuring the game's logo, at which point the player is reset to day 1.


Lucy In the Sky With Dynamites

Total length: 60:00

Included with limited edition copies of LSD, Lucy in the Sky with Dynamites is an hour-long music CD composed by Osamu Sato. The CD contains a single song, an hour-long performance by Sato and accompanying musicians in a psychedelic electronic style reminiscent to LSD's soundtrack.

LSD And Remixes

Total length: 1:37:56

Released alongside LSD, LSD and Remixes is a 2-CD album of compositions based on LSD. The first CD, composed by Osamu Sato, features nine extended versions of songs from LSD. The second CD contains remixes of seven of the nine tracks from the first disc, each composed by other musicians (with the exception of the final track, which was remixed by Out Ass Mao, an alias for Osamu Sato.)

Disc 1:

  1. Funky Solution
  2. Long Tall Eyelash
  3. TV River
  4. Professional Problem
  5. Oriental Grill
  6. Come On And
  7. Fax Factory
  8. Fried Banana
  9. Say Cheeze

Disc 2:

  1. Long Tall Eyelash (Ken Ishii Mix)
  2. Funky Solution (Jimi Tenor Mix)
  3. Long Tall Eyelash (µ-Ziq)
  4. TV River (Morgan Geist Mix)
  5. Professional Problem (Pantune Music Mix)
  6. Oriental Grill (M.P.O Mix)
  7. Come On And (Out Ass Mao Mix)

LSD Revamped

On April 1, 2019, Sato released LSD Revamped, featuring remastered versions of tracks from LSD And Remixes, as well as newly remixed tracks.

Total length: 2:00:33

  1. Funky Solution 2018
  2. Long Tall Eyelash (Ken Ishii Mix)
  3. Oriental Grill 2018
  4. Fried Banana 2018
  5. Come On And 2018
  6. Fax Factory 2018
  7. Say Cheeze (Quatra 330 Mix)
  8. Fax Factory (Reiji Okamoto (Okamoto's) + Girogio Blaise Givvn Mix)
  9. Funky Solution (Jimi Tenor Mix)
  10. Long Tall Eyelash 2018
  11. Professional Problem (Pantune Music Mix)
  12. Professional Problem 2018
  13. TV River (Morgan Geist Mix)
  14. Long Tall Eyelash (µ-Ziq Mix)
  15. Say Cheeze 2018
  16. Fried Banana (Out Ass Mao Mix)
  17. Oriental Grill (M.P.D. Mix)
  18. TV River 2018
  19. Come On And (Out Ass Mao Mix)
  20. Typhoon Tribe (Bonus Track)


  • Left/Right directional buttons move the camera
  • Up/Down moves the player forward or back
  • X button initiates running (hold while walking)
  • Square button looks down
  • Triangle button looks up


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Specific release details

Platform PlayStation Network (PS3)
Region Japan
Release date August 11, 2010
Product code None
Company code None
Rating CERO: D
Minimum Players 1
Maximum Players N/A
Resolutions N/A
Sound Systems N/A
Single player Features N/A
Multi player Features N/A
Widescreen Support No
Notes N/A

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