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Max Payne

Released July 25, 2001 · consists of 17 releases.

Remedy's film-noir action game puts players in the role of grizzled cop Max Payne as he tries to clear his name of murder.

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· November 28, 2021

Max Pain

Hey mum, look at me, I'm John Woo! *slomo dives through a window and shoots 3 guys*. It's winter in New York and Max Payne has nothing left to lose and has decided Eff it, he's taking on the criminal underworld on his own, leading him through mansion's, railway station's, seedy hotel's, the streets...
· April 02, 2016

Maximum Payne, Minimum Fat

Remedy's first Woo/Matrix inspired, action packed, third-person shooter in the Payne franchise delivers on what you might expect yet is somewhat limited in scope compared to their future efforts. People might remember the Max Payne games as a moody homage to noire detective thrillers, interrupted by bouts of exaggerated slow motion action but the reality on both accounts is surprisingly different.The story (although creatively executed through comic book panels, expressive art, and some iconic m...
· April 22, 2010

Pushes action-adventure shooting into a new dimension.

Starting at the very beginning, how can you beat a game with a title like 'Max Payne'? It is probably one of the best play-on-words for ages, and is definitely a great brand in the making. Luckily, the game is just as good, if not better, than the catchiness of the title. The game combines a fast pace, great plotline and excellent gameplay to create an experience that is at once immersive, and almost incoherently fun.The story of Max Payne is ultimately one of revenge. Max was your average NYPD ...
· January 25, 2010

As rewarding as it was on the PC and X-Box.

Now, this is a game. A few months after being released on the PC and the X-Box, Max Payne has finally been released for the PS2 and, for the most part, it's just as strong of a game as it was on the PC.Max Payne is a great action game that is strong in almost every area: gameplay, graphics, sound, storyline, and replay value. The gameplay may be very simple, but it's probably the highlight of the game. The gameplay basically consists of you running around with a shotgun(or 15 other weapons), sho...
· January 06, 2010

Max Payne is an awesome action game with a great story

Max Payne is a third person shooter graphic novel, and its an experience that you won't want to miss out on. This game has you using Max and seek out to avenge your family, using multiple weapons roaming the streets of New York killing bad guys working for the people responsible. The controls are very tight and work very easily, with the average third person shooter controls. Also taking painkillers will revive your health. The coolest feature is the ability the slow down time like from The Matr...
· July 22, 2009

Max Payne is dark, gritty, relentless, and simply badass

S Max Payne is not only an incredibly well designed, all-around fun game. It's an example of how well story and atmosphere can be implemented flawlessly into a videogame and ultimately be the strong point of that title. Although it has aged since its release in back in 2001, Max Payne still holds up as a charming, enthralling videogame that not only executes well in the gameplay department, but also enthralls the player in a storyline that sucks you in and keeps you thoroughly entertained from b...
· June 30, 2009

A relentless classic, Max Payne is a film noir masterpiece

Even after eight long years, Max Payne still remains as one of the finest third-person shooters ever made. With it's thrilling mature-themed story, over-the-top "film noir-style" presentation and awesome, fast-paced gameplay--Max Payne still holds up as one of the greatest games of the decade for the PC or even in the history.When the original Max Payne was released way back in 2001, it was widely considered a big success. Basically, for many reasons...Throughout the game, you play as NYPD detec...
· May 29, 2009

rip off

Max Payne was a great success on the pc but for some reason rockstar down graded this great game to a lame game. 2002 saw the success of halo and other great games but on the pc rockstar made a game called max Payne and released it. It was a great success but the game turned lame as it arrived its way to the ps2. the storyline of this disastrous game is a cop called max Payne who is chased by his demons and sooner and later a plot was made to smoke out his family and as you proceed through this ...
· April 14, 2009

Max Payne PC review-

I had heard about Max Payne through a friend so i picked up the shareware version online, a couple of days later i was hours into the First part of the full game.Max Payne is an Action game in which you play as the titular Max Payne, a new york cop who lost his wife and child to crazed junkies and is infiltrating a Mafia Crime family, when his closest friend Alex is Murdered and Max framed for the crime.This leads Max to launch a one man crusade against the criminals of New York and in doing so ...
· July 22, 2008

Compulsory for any fan of action games!

My initial impression of "Max Payne" was a very good one. I waited and waited for the titles' release date from the first day I heard of it. I wasn't into PC gaming back when it was originally announced in the year of 1997 but rather when it was hyped up in early 2001. The game was said to be released in late July of that very year; I could hardly contain my excitement. I had read about the spectacular graphics (powered by the Max-FX engine), the non-stop gun fights, the detailed physics, and of...
· July 21, 2008

The best 3rd person shooter ever

In max payne (which is the name of the character and the game why i have no idea) anyway in max payne you play a cop which is a change of scenery for third person shooters.The game starts you out in your house which has just been broken in to by thugs who kill your wife your baby daughter and your best friend and of course the cops show up while your in the house looking at what the thugs have done the cops barge in and see you standing over your wife's body so they asume you did it and that is ...
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Specific release details

Max Payne (Xbox Originals)
Max Payne (Xbox Originals)
Platform Xbox 360 Games Store
Region United States
Release date April 27, 2009
Product code None
Company code None
Rating ESRB: M
Minimum Players 1
Maximum Players N/A
Resolutions N/A
Sound Systems N/A
Single player Features N/A
Multi player Features N/A
Widescreen Support No
Notes N/A

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